Unlearn and Relearn: The Essential New Skill for High Performing Teams

If you work in an industry that is having difficulty with large amounts of external forced changes such as Federal Regulatory modifications, you certainly understand the resistance that change cultivates. And I would postulate that as a leader (whether you lead yourself as one or many), when faced with these challenges first examined your own attitude toward change before the resistance to change turned into acceptance.

When we don’t agree with changes, our attitude towards the change itself produces resistance. Period. I’m not asking you to embrace all changes, but to observe your steps when you transmute resistance into acceptance. The awareness is worth noting. Another observation I will ask you to make is to carefully observe your teams with the same kind of deliberate awareness. Observing others is best done without asking and without influence. It’s always hard for team members to tell the leader the truth anyway. Hence, just simply start to observe. Exceptional leaders, do this instinctively or were taught. Continue reading “Unlearn and Relearn: The Essential New Skill for High Performing Teams”